The Guides


She gave name and ideology to the project. Tânia is actually from the moon and is very proud of that!:) She was inspired by some walking tours she’d taken in other cities in East Europe during her early travels.

Belonging to the rare breed of Portuguese backpackers, Tânia acquired a unique habit of represent her own city and country, both of which she so much loves.

Called by her friends as a Nature force, her passion for life is infectious! She lives in the heart of the city and knows all the secrets you will never find alone.

You can't miss her!



Born in Lisbon and in love with the city.

A photographer, journalist, writer… that can’t stop doing new things.

He became a tour guide to force himself to enjoy Lisbon the proper way and he has found that showing this wonderful city to different people can really be an amazing new experience.



Born and raised in Lisbon, he is laid-back, interested in sharing experiencies, Loves history, archeology, legends and urban myths, having knowledge of many unofficial stories and with extreme imagination, he creates his own theories, it's more akin to a having a local good friend show you around their city experience or telling you a tale.

Loves to explore places and know people. He is a backpacker willing for adventure. His biggest challeng is to find constinously new sensations, new emotions throughout what he does.


In love with Art, especially Literature and Cinema, besides doing the tours also studies Sociology.
His tours are dominated by an enormous enthusiasm, transmited through good amounts of humour and theatricality.

Beyond explaining the History of the city, he adventures to explore the portuguese personality and life style along the tour.


Although originally from Hungary, Judit's love of Portugal keeps bringing her back to this amazing country. She finished a degree in English and Portuguese Languages and Cultures and now she is back to Lisbon to do a Masters course in Cultural Studies. Her biggest passion in life is travelling, she has already been to 32 countries and it's a dream come true for her to have become a tour guide and to be able to share her knowledge and enthusiasm of Portugal with everybody
Take a walk with a "big heart" full of Lisbon.

Susana was born in Macau and grew up in Lisbon and Sintra.
She loves the charm and the magic spread in every Lisbon's corner! She is curious, full of energy, has a huge passion for travel and she loves life and all the simple and small things that make it so special

Besides the tours she is into some projects connected to social development and sustainability,which she really enjoys!