About us

Lisbon Chill-Out Tours is a team of young, streetwise, well-travelled friends, based in Lisbon, Portugal. We offer a range of Multi-language walking tours running to a set timetable, several walks every week.

Designed for a curious and energetic budget-conscious traveller, our walks cover all aspects of Lisbon's life, from history, arts and social culture to everyday practicalities.

To take a Lisbon Chill-Out Tour, turn up at the designated meeting point a couple of minutes before the starting time. Except the FREE Tour, You do need to book the tour in advance, just send us an e-mail, we will reply immediately positive to you.

Lisbon Chill-Out Tours run in any weather, rain or shine and this will even influence the tour. Its an independent project made by backpackers to backpackers.

We keep our prices as low as possible. All day walks cost between 18 and 25 euros – a good value for a three to four hour walking tour. The walks that cost more are the ones that take longer time like Lisbon original chill-out tour. Bring comfortable shoes...for some reason Lisbon is known as "the city of the seven hills"

Besides the usual stuff you expect to hear on a walking tour, we supply a wealth of information of Lisbon secrets and on What, How, Where, When in Lisbon, more accurate and up-to-date than any guidebook. Tips on clubbing and nightlife, museums, public transport, cheap and good eats, provided by experienced backpackers and experts on the city.

We would go out of the way to help you with all your routine travel concerns, to explain you the cultural differences that might seem frustrating and hard to grasp from the first glance. Ask your guide for assistance on practical travel matters.