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2 FREE TOUR everyday, starting in Largo Camões, at:
 Winter schedule (From 1st October to 31 March)10Am and 3:00Pm!
Summer schedule (From 1st April to 30 September)10Am and 4:30Pm!
Just show up!!! 
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We are independent and not a big company, and we try to transmit the real Portuguese feeling and culture for this reason we can’t use a big red umbrella.
Monday 14/03/2016  another company, without any kind of moral/ethical values decided to start their tours on our meeting point and at the same time as we do, they aim to take you from our tour to theirs

make sure you find the right authentic local guide using a Silverbag with a tram, and join us on the best free walking tour The Lisbon Chill Out Original Free Tour

Tambien tenemos Free tours en español para mas informaciónes siegue nuestro enlace - Lisboa free tour en español

About us

Lisbon Chill-Out Tours is a team of young, streetwise, well-travelled friends, based in Lisbon, Portugal. We offer a range of Multi-language walking tours running to a set timetable, several walks every week.

Designed for a curious and energetic budget-conscious traveller, our walks cover all aspects of Lisbon's life, from history, arts and social culture to everyday practicalities.

To take a Lisbon Chill-Out Tour, turn up at the designated meeting point a couple of minutes before the starting time. Except the FREE Tour, You do need to book the tour in advance, just send us an e-mail, we will reply immediately positive to you.

Lisbon Chill-Out Tours run in any weather, rain or shine and this will even influence the tour. Its an independent project made by backpackers to backpackers.

We keep our prices as low as possible. All day walks cost between 18 and 25 euros – a good value for a three to four hour walking tour. The walks that cost more are the ones that take longer time like Lisbon original chill-out tour. Bring comfortable shoes...for some reason Lisbon is known as "the city of the seven hills"

Besides the usual stuff you expect to hear on a walking tour, we supply a wealth of information of Lisbon secrets and on What, How, Where, When in Lisbon, more accurate and up-to-date than any guidebook. Tips on clubbing and nightlife, museums, public transport, cheap and good eats, provided by experienced backpackers and experts on the city.

We would go out of the way to help you with all your routine travel concerns, to explain you the cultural differences that might seem frustrating and hard to grasp from the first glance. Ask your guide for assistance on practical travel matters.

The Tours

Lisbon Original Chill-out Tour
Don't forget to book it a few days before and wait for the confirmation.
Without the confirmation the tour will lot take place and something went wrong contact us again

Duration: 3 hours

Meeting point: Praça Luís de Camões

Cost: 32e/pax

This is a Lisbon Chill-out tour as it was when it all started in 2007. A backpackers' hit ever since, it is a tour without a fixed itinerary, where the walkers and the guide work out a route right before the start.

DO WHAT OTHER TOURISTS DON'T: step off Rua Augusta, walk through quiet side lanes, peek into small streets smelling like codfish, sample local cafes and shops which we visit as well, ride the tram(optional). Enjoy the city through the eyes of a Lisbon resident.

DISCOVER the amazing view points, the charm of Alfama's secrets, old back streets and flea market, funiculars and trams.

LEARN about the city: Historical facts, from key dates to personal stories of monarchs and artists, nobles and commoners; city legends, actual facts and culture diferences.

CUSTOMISE THIS TOUR the way you want it - your suggestions are welcome and in most cases will be incorporated into the walk by our guide.

TRAVERSE the city by foot and public transport: tour may involve several tram rides which cost more 6.5e (the daly ticket).

GREAT VALUE: a four-hour walking tour for the price of three hours! So much more than just a mere list of historical dates and names, The Original Lisbon Chill-out Tour is a headlong plunge into the cultural environment of one of the more charming cities in Europe. Make the most out of your stay with the help of Lisbon chill-out tour. The tour can be led by any of the guides in our team.

Top chill-out tour
Don't forget to book it a few days before and wait for the confirmation.
Without the confirmation the tour will lot take place and something went wrong contact us again

Duration: 2 hours

Meeting point: Santa Apolónia train station (at the atrium where tickets are sold)

cost: 27 e/pax

Top of the charts in Lisbon sightseeing, as voted by Lisbon Chill-out tours. This pleasant and informative walk along Alfama, Graça and Castelo districts is recommended for first-timers in the city with a tight schedule. See Lisbon from the most spectacular angles. In just two hours you will do the main old districts sightseeing program, saving yourself time and energy for later independent research. The guide will tell you all you need to know about the top landmarks and give you a plethora of suggestions on what else to see and do in Lisbon- do not be shy to ask! The tour starts at the entrance of Alfama (Santa apolónia train station) leads you up the hill, passing through National Pantean, flea market, Graça view point, castle typical streets and will wnd in down town where you can find plenty of restaurants and cafeteries for keep chilling out.

Moon light chill-out walk
Don't forget to book it a few days before and wait for the confirmation.
Without the confirmation the tour will lot take place and something went wrong contact us again

Duration: 3 hours

Meeting point: Santa Apolónia train station (at the atrium where tickets are sold)

cost: 38e/pax

A Night version of our famed Top chill-out tour, at last! walk the city through the never-ending sunset. Take in spectacular views and the unique Lisbon night vibe. More chill-out than ever, slowlly, watch the tuneless fado singers at the restaurant doors, lighted churches and typical bars through the districts of Alfama, Graça and Castelo. See the city from a totally different angle - at night, in motion! Stops along the way include:

- Sé Cathedral

- Santo Estevão view point

- Portas do Sol view point

- Graça view point

Duration: Between 2h30/3:30 hours plus
Winter schedule (From 1st October to 31 March) 10Am and 3:00Pm!
Summer schedule (From 1st April to 30 September) 10Am and 4:30Pm!

Meeting point: Praça Luís de Camões
cost: based on tips

Is a great way to get to know Lisbon. To do Lisbon justice you really need more days but if you're tight on time this is the best thing. The guides love Lisbon and present it with all their ability. The tour works on a tips basis so it's always within your budget. This 2h30 -3h30 hour English-language walking tour goes deeper than just introducing the sites: we tell the city’s history, with amazing and interesting stories and legends. We start off in Bairro Alto from where the tour can head everywhere in town!Our guides are different people with different knowledge and points of view and will arrange the best tour WITH you before it starts!

Our tour is FREE, we're FREE and everyday can be a surprise! Just try it!

ATTENTION: We're independent! any recomendation given during our Free Tour is based on our personal tastes and experience. We don´t take comissions!

Lisbon Private Chill-Out Tour

Duration: 4 hours

Meeting point: place of your preference

cost: up to 4 people 162 e up to 10 people 392 e Bigger groups please contact us in advance.

If you´re coming to Lisbon with your friend and family, or if you're part of a big group we'll organize a chill-out tour specificaly for you! according with your interests and schedulle. You´ll have your private guide, you may choose the language and we'll pick you from your hotel. We run private tours in English, French,Spanish,German and of course in Portuguese!

Coming soon: Portuguese cooking workshop

Time Table

Every day of the week!*

10:00 am Original Chill-out Tour
Don't forget to book it a few days before


Lisbon Free Tour
 Winter schedule (From 1st October to 31 March)10Am and 3:00Pm!
Summer schedule (From 1st April to 30 September)10Am and 4:30Pm!

Meeting point: Praça Luís de Camões

10:00 am. Top Chill-out Tour
Don't forget to book it a few days before

6pm. Moon Light Chill-out walk
Don't forget to book it a few days before

Meeting Point: Santa Apolónia train station

* Except for the FREE tour, don´t forget to book your tour a few days in advance! Contact us or 00351 916060768

The Guides


She gave name and ideology to the project. Tânia is actually from the moon and is very proud of that!:) She was inspired by some walking tours she’d taken in other cities in East Europe during her early travels.

Belonging to the rare breed of Portuguese backpackers, Tânia acquired a unique habit of represent her own city and country, both of which she so much loves.

Called by her friends as a Nature force, her passion for life is infectious! She lives in the heart of the city and knows all the secrets you will never find alone.

You can't miss her!



Born in Lisbon and in love with the city.

A photographer, journalist, writer… that can’t stop doing new things.

He became a tour guide to force himself to enjoy Lisbon the proper way and he has found that showing this wonderful city to different people can really be an amazing new experience.



Born and raised in Lisbon, he is laid-back, interested in sharing experiencies, Loves history, archeology, legends and urban myths, having knowledge of many unofficial stories and with extreme imagination, he creates his own theories, it's more akin to a having a local good friend show you around their city experience or telling you a tale.

Loves to explore places and know people. He is a backpacker willing for adventure. His biggest challeng is to find constinously new sensations, new emotions throughout what he does.


In love with Art, especially Literature and Cinema, besides doing the tours also studies Sociology.
His tours are dominated by an enormous enthusiasm, transmited through good amounts of humour and theatricality.

Beyond explaining the History of the city, he adventures to explore the portuguese personality and life style along the tour.


Although originally from Hungary, Judit's love of Portugal keeps bringing her back to this amazing country. She finished a degree in English and Portuguese Languages and Cultures and now she is back to Lisbon to do a Masters course in Cultural Studies. Her biggest passion in life is travelling, she has already been to 32 countries and it's a dream come true for her to have become a tour guide and to be able to share her knowledge and enthusiasm of Portugal with everybody
Take a walk with a "big heart" full of Lisbon.

Susana was born in Macau and grew up in Lisbon and Sintra.
She loves the charm and the magic spread in every Lisbon's corner! She is curious, full of energy, has a huge passion for travel and she loves life and all the simple and small things that make it so special

Besides the tours she is into some projects connected to social development and sustainability,which she really enjoys!

Meeting Point

The MEETING POINT for our Original Chill-out tour and Lisbon Free Tour will be at Praça Luís de Camões (Luís de Camões Square)Just in the heart of city, easy to get, a usual meeting point between friends and where you can start feeling it!

The MEETING POINT for the Top chill-out tour and Moon light chill-out walk will be at Santa Apolónia train station. Very central, 15 min walking from Comercio Square.

How to get there?

Baixa-Chiado is one of the main Lisbon metro stop (Blue line with Green line) and has two exits. Our exit is the Chiado one, The highest. We will be waiting for you in front of Luís de Camões Statue.

the best way to get to Santa Apolónia train station is by metro, Take the blue line and just stop at the end. Ones out, head to the main atrium where the TRAIN TICKETS are sold.

How to recognize our guides?

Don't worry...You will recognize us! but just in case, around meeting time the guide will be at the meeting point with the TRAM Badge/bag.

Book a Tour

Except for the FREE Tour, you do need to book a tour (min. 3 days in advance)! and turn up at the meeting point a couple of minutes before the starting time. If you want to book a private tour or if you are part of a big group the best way to book a chill-out tour is send us an e-mail or phone us:

(00351) 916060768